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Grey Power is a national organisation comprised of a number of local associations that represent the interests of those in the over 50 age group. By joining and participating at a local level you can have an effect at a national level. Grey Power membership is open to anyone over 50 years.

Why Join Grey Power Rotorua?

There are many reasons for becoming a member of Grey Power Rotorua. For example:

  • Have your say on any of the major topics that affect people over the age of 50 years.
  • Get to know other members of the association
  • Become involved with the Grey Power organisation at a higher level and become a member of the committee.
  • Take part in some volunteer activities in your community.
  • Wish to take advantage of discounts offered by many of Rotorua’s business.
  • Receive Grey Power Rotorua’s quarterly newsletter.

Whatever your reason for joining, the Grey Power Rotorua Association welcomes those who are 50 plus who would like to be a part of a advocacy organisation that puts their needs and welfare first. So if you are ready to join us click the button below.

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