Privacy Policy

Grey Power Rotorua Website Privacy Policy

This privacy notice applies to personal and other information collected on Grey Power Rotorua Inc. website:

This website contains a number of web forms that are used to collect information relating to Grey Power membership, contact / feedback and surveys. The information collected is name and contact details (postal and email), subscription type and voluntary interest.

The information submitted in the enrolment and renewal forms is used for membership enrolment and renewal purposes and for contacting you for voluntary interest or participation in Grey Power events or activities. The information collected is stored locally in a database and accessible only to members of the executive committee and other persons as authorised by the committee. {Financial auditors, IT support contractors, etc}. Your information may also be disclosed to law enforcement agencies on presentation of a legal authorisation to do so.

Additionally Grey Power is a national organisation and the enrolment information will be supplied to Grey Power National office for the purposes of registering you as a national Grey Power member. All information supplied to Grey Power National Office is covered by the Privacy Policy located on the Grey Power Head Office website. If you do not wish to submit your details via web form then a paper enrolment form can be downloaded and printed from this website or obtained by contacting one of the representatives listed on the Contact Us page.

Contact and feedback forms collect email address for purpose of receipt acknowledgment and or reply. Email details submitted via this form are not stored after being used for the above purposes. Various survey forms may also collect membership numbers. This is used to verify that the survey response is submitted from a valid Grey Power member if participation in that survey is restricted to Grey Power members only. The number is used to authenticate but not identify the respondent.

Statistical information may also be collected on website usage, which could include originating IP address. This address cannot be used to identify you and is purely there to help us gauge site usage for planning purposes and to help us determine the website’s effectiveness.

Cookies are not used on this site.

All Grey Power members registered with Grey Power Rotorua are entitled to see any information held on them by Grey Power Rotorua Inc and to submit corrections to that information if they believe that it is in error.

If you wish to make such a request then please do so in writing to the Branch President.

Branch President
Grey Power Rotorua Inc.
PO Box 414
Rotorua 3040